Your $100 becomes worth $640 to this cause you support!

Imagine a donation costing you $100 becoming $400 dollars for your local Greens, and then becoming worth $640 in just two years. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s true. 

A $400 donation by you now, gets you a real $300 reduction in your taxes in just a few months. This makes the cost to you be only $100.
During the last provincial and federal elections, local Greens met the government’s criteria for a 60% rebate of our campaign expenses. So, for every $400 spent in election expenses, there was a $240 rebate allowing for further endeavours. It is part of a $640 total value and it only cost you $100.
There is a provincial election in Ontario in just two years. Individual riding By-Elections have a way of happening unexpectedly. We must be prepared.
Strengthen the Green Party of Ontario’s local team working for you, by contributing here.
You can also benefit the Green Party of Canada’s local team by contributing here.
Your gift before the end of 2019, means you will get 75% of your money back soon, on your tax return.
Supporting on a monthly basis, means an easier and consistent way to be a part of this growing movement. Whether you donate $40, costing you only $10, or if you do more, the local Greens will grow with your help. This is action for which you can be proud.
As an advocate for you in Kitchener South & Hespeler,
you have my deepest appreciation.
– David Weber