The First Kitchener South – Hespeler debate of the 2019 campaign.

Wednesday the 25th of September marked the start of the 2019 election debates for Kitchener South – Hespeler.  It was an almost three hour debate held at the south gym of Conestoga College, which is a beautiful facility that sprouted from what was the old hockey arena when I had attended the school many years ago.

The Green, NDP and Liberal candidates of Kitchener South – Hespeler squared off along with the Cambridge riding’s David Haskell of The Peoples Party, who joined us as well. The Candidates in KSH that participated were myself, David Weber of the Green Party, the NDP candidate Wasai Rahimi, and Liberal’s incumbent Marwan Tabbara. The Conestoga College Students Inc (CSI) had organized the event as an open to the public debate, though most of the questions and concerns raised by the moderator and the citizens that used the open microphone, covered interests mostly related to students and those recently graduated.

Last year, the Progressive Conservative Party candidates infamously declined to attend almost all debates in almost all ridings during the 2018 provincial election, causing conjecture in the media that there was a plan to avoid attending them. They also declined many of the all party discussions on radio and failed to appear at most community round table events. It is a little early to say if this is going to be the method of operation for the federal Conservative Party in this election, as this was just our first all candidate event; but, missing the first debate is a poor start, when Allen Keeso had been invited according to the debate’s moderator. Well, it is a poor start from the perspective of having informed voters. Maybe it is a smart approach for the Conservatives, campaign wise. You can’t make any mistakes if you don’t compete, and lack of involvement rewarded the Provincial Conservatives with a win last year. Maybe it is a tactic that works. I am hoping that this won’t be an ongoing situation here, or the start of a nation wide practice.

More upcoming events for community members that want to join in, as well as other events happening that are just good to be aware about, are listed on my events page.

You all have my continued best wishes to become informed and to bravely vote and support whom you feel is the best candidate according to your own desires and values.