Our New Green Party of Canada Leader is Announced Tonight.

In the evening of October 3rd 2020, the sun sets on one era as a new one dawns for the Green Party of Canada.

Elizabeth May has been the party’s leader for longer than I have been a member and I want to thank her for tremendously long hours and hard work she has put in to help this party grow and increase its influence in Canadian politics. Having been a Conservative voter before, I joined the Greens in 2012 and have made friends that were previously Liberals, or NDP, and many that shared a similar journey to me that became Greens after Conservatives abandoned all of their previous commitments to caring for our planetary health. Whether we have individually placed ourselves historically as being more on the archaic scales of left, right, or centre, this party has developed policy that is steady and true to what is best for society as a whole and for the planet at large. It has united us all for our common good through communication, leading to mutual understanding and collaborative efforts. It has opened my mind, opened my heart and clarified my hopes and vision.

I thank Jo-Ann Roberts for being our interim leader for most of this past year, and I give deep thanks to all the candidates hard work and dedication in running to be our next leader. Also, I appreciate the volunteers on all of the campaigns and within the Green Party of Canada whom work for free. Thanks to all of the general members that vote to make our official policies, and have voted to choose our next leader, whom is tasked to share our collective vision.

I have confidence in all the candidates running to be our next leader and know that whomever is chosen by the majority of members, they will do us proud and serve us well. Aside from variations of their skillsets and personalities, they will be representing policies that are made by us – the general membership – who discussed proposals, debated them and 2/3 of us voted in favour to make them become binding policies.
We have the only true grassroots political party, and it is one that considers all people and the economy without sacrificing the planet. We are the only party against fracking and we mean what we say about decarbonizing as fast as possible and building out clean energy to power our nation. A nation built on caring for one another in fairness and compassion. One that is sustainable. We can and must have a thriving clean economy on a survivable planet with a society worth saving.
The leaders job is to represent us. It is our job as members to support our new leader, so that this party can grow and thrive, with success for all those running in various ridings as Green candidates. We need the leaders success, for all of our successes, so that we can do right by this world we live in. No other political party will get us to where we need to go. We need to be here with positive energy and committed efforts for the Green Party of Canada to get it done. There is no other political party we can go to  and have the impacts that we can accomplish. 
To whomever our leader will be when announced in a few hours, you have my congratulations! I have your back. It will be an adjustment; but, I know that I and my fellow members can rise to this challenge while you rise to yours. We are in this together.