My Top Choice for Our New Green Party of Canada Leader

On October 3rd 2020, the Green Party of Canada membership will conclude voting for their new leader – replacing interim leader Jo-Ann Roberts, whom has been filling the shoes of long time party leader Elizabeth May since her stepping down in late 2019.

During this contest, I have researched all the candidates thoroughly and tried my best to have an open mind. I have found the majority to be brilliant individuals. Needing to choose, and knowing what qualities we are looking for may be different, I declare my decision while respecting others searching processes and their conclusions. I am confident that whomever becomes our next chief spokesperson will serve us well, and they will have my support.

I had my leadership front runners rise and fall in rankings as learning about them. I had David Merner replaced by Annamie Paul, to have her fall down my list with Glen Murray taking the top spot, then Courtney Howard, only to go back to David Merner. During this period of reflection, I had another candidate rise to eventually become my top choice. This has not been an easy process – a testament to the solid field of candidates.

Hopefully all of these individuals will make strong contributions to the Green Party of Canada for many years to come. I thank them all for running in this contest and for all they will continue to do. Ultimately, my number one choice for being our next leader is determined by whom I feel can best stand beside the other party’s leaders (especially in scrums and debates) can confidently address the media and will interact with Canadians in ways that will bring more votes to Greens while  driving the positive changes we need throughout our country.

This leader, is Ditmitri Lascaris.