Kitchener South – Hespeler debates that have happened


The Rogers TV Debate for Kitchener South – Hespeler was held on October 1st at 8 pm. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, they rebroadcast it several times over the next couple weeks. It is important to hear the various candidates, understand their views and priorities, and see which best relate to your own values and priorities. Beyond lip service and showmanship, the issues are very important. Best of luck in deciding whom will be fighting for the future that you want to see. You can watch it on YouTube right here.


The CBC Radio The Morning Edition with Craig Norris on October 2nd, had the Liberal, Conservative, Peoples Party and Green Candidates discuss issues facing voters. It can be viewed here.  After the three questions of the show, they afterwards took a video of each candidate asking whey they should be trusted. At the time of this posting, the CBC hadn’t put it on their website, but if it is there when you go to the link – be sure to check those out too! Hopefully they will be posted soon.



Update: The question put to each candidate, “why should we trust you” is now posted. You can find the video here!


The 100 Debates were a series of debates focused on the environment, hosted in cities across the country, occurring at the same time on October 2nd. They were facebook live streamed, and the local Kitchener South – Hespeler event can be seen in the discussion section of the facebook events page.  The first part was the debates can be seen here. On their facebook page, you have to go into he discussion section to find the videos.

After the break, questions were put forward by the audience and that part of the event can be seen below.

Kitchener – South Hespeler 100 Debates on the Environment

Posted by Chris Best on Wednesday, October 2, 2019


The Greater K-W Chamber of Commerce debate on October 9th had the NDP Candidate Wasai Rahmi absent, and The Record noted that he had also not attended the 100 Debates event focusing on climate change the week prior. In fact, he has only participated in the Rogers TV and Conestoga College debates that were at the beginning of the official campaign, and then has been a no-show for everything since. This includes all the grade schools that the candidates have been invited to attend and debate their party platforms along with other community discussions, some of which Alan Keeso has also opted not to attend. They both missed such events as the Muslim Women Coalition and African Revival Organization’s Together Against Islamaphobia Debate, the Interfaith Climate Change dinner on September 26th, and the Cambridge Social Planning debate on October 3rd. As for the Greater K-W Chamber of Commerce, Luisa D’Amato wrote an article covering the debate which you can read here.

Sarah Shafiq did a great job organizing a joint event with the Muslim Women’s Coalition along with the African Revival Organization. They held a debate at the Family Centre, 65 Hanson Ave in Kitchener on October 10th. All political parties were invited to participate with each being asked to choose one regional MP candidate to be their representative on the debate panel. Chosen and participating were the Green Party’s Mike Morrice, NDP’s Lori Campbell, Liberal’s Marwan Tabbara and People Party’s Erika Traub. The theme was “Together against Islamophobia”, but covered on issues beyond immigration and racism. Affordable housing has been a concern heard at all debates and forums during this election campaign. For some reason, none of the Conservative candidates chose to be on the panel to represent their party’s policies in this forum.

On the 16th of October at 6 – 8 pm, Peoples Party candidate Joseph Todd and Green’s David Weber were the only two candidates that accepted the invitation to the last community held event at the Chandler Mowat Community Centre for local residents to get familiar with their candidates. When community wants to meet with us to decide whom to choose as their MP, I believe it is important for us to show up to the job interview.

On the next day, October 17th at 2 pm, Conservative candidate Alan Keeso did attend with Joseph Todd and David Weber, when Brian Bourke of 570 FM hosted a debate amongst the candidates of Kitchener South – Hespeler for their final debate. You can listen to the radio debate here. The Liberal’s Marwan Tabbara and NDP’s Wasai Rahimi again did not attend. The NDP candidate has not been seen nor has he participated in any of the all candidates debates or community events after the opening of the campaign, with the Rogers TV (Oct 1) and Conestoga College (Sept 25) debates being the only two he attended.

Now that all the debates and community events are wrapped up, this brings us to having just four days til ballots cast will be counted and we will find whom it is that our community members wishes to have represent them in the House of Commons. If it is me, I will work hard for you, my neighbours in this riding, and will be accessible to you – both in the office and at monthly town hall meetings. It is most important to me that we meet and discuss things. I need to know what you expect of government and the direction you want it to take, so that I can do my best to deliver those expectations to Ottawa for action. Running as a Green, you know that I care about the planet, the quality of life for all people, and will promote clean high-tech jobs in a green economy that will have us prosper in the long term. But you will be my boss, not a political party structure telling me what to do or how to vote, nor will I be putting my own interests ahead of yours. I gave of myself in 30 years of police service, knowing that I might have to lay down my life for a fellow citizen. I certainly can lay aside my own interests, to advocate for those that live with me in this riding, in this way of service to them, as their MP.