Elizabeth May in the area and in the news.

Contrary to general public knowledge, the Green Party has long held policies and platforms that are more than only the environment; However, that sole issue has risen to such a priority that voters are looking to the party they have known to be the de facto champions for it. Voters turning to see what are the Green Party’s plans, are finding out that the Greens are not that one issue party. Well, maybe it is if you consider that the one issue is what is best for Canadians.

Elizabeth May was spotlighted by The Star upon the Green Party’s platform launch on September 16th, and the article did a solid job at explaining how the platform goes well beyond just a climate change plan. This is a great read that you can access here. The day the platform was released was made all the better for me by sharing time with Elizabeth May in Kitchener for the afternoon and shadowing her to Guelph, where she spoke at a rally in the evening for MP candidate Steve Dyck.


After several days of hard work to get the local campaign going, it was really great to have our Chief Spokesperson present in this area to cheer us on. It is clear to her and the party executive that there is a lot of bursting energy for Green growth in Kitchener, Cambridge and in Guelph. I am so proud to be a part of it. And I am so proud of the many volunteers that are pitching in to canvass, deliver postcards and to engage the public in other ways too, in Kitchener South – Hespeler.

A week later, Global News has done a story with a video interview of Elizabeth May that is definitely worth the watch. It is 20 minutes long, but if you can only invest half that amount of time, then skip to the second half. It really is worth the full watch, though.

We are on the one month count down to the election being over. I wish you all the best in your fact finding and soul searching to determine what we truly need as a country, what the parties and candidates are offering as their plans, and what you are going to do as a voter to help make happen what needs to be getting done. I know that any government we get, will be better with a solid number of Greens present within it. I hope you support me in becoming your MP to help move things in that better direction.