Don’t Let Vaccine “Common Good” Lead to “Common Dystopia”

Vaccine effectiveness vs risks should be weighed in personal decision making. Some are so effective, have few risks, and avoid such horrible diseases that it makes sense for mass immunization. I think of polio, measles, mumps, and rubella in this category which I am in favour. Being over 50, and at risk, I decided to get the shingles vaccine.

Others are so barely beneficial (those taking the flu shot usually have a 3% less chance of contracting it than those not getting vaccinated, according to pharmaceutical inserts in the package) and some other vaccines have real serious personal risks. Some may put me into the group that says “I’ll take a pass – thanks”.

If there were absolutely 100% no side effects or potential serious risks to the taker, I think everyone should get immunized for pretty much any illness. There is not one single vaccine that can claim these things. Safe and effective are relative terms, not absolutes.

Have thorough testing and complete disclosure, and let people decide. It should be such a good product that the vast numbers of people will choose to take it. If we must carry papers of that decision, produce a readable coded health card, or carry that info in a microchip, or else be segregated from our communities, it is just as wrong as any other kind of segregation.

When we force people to take shots – or use pressure of compliance or be ostracized – that is extorted submission.  A forced choice is no choice at all, and is part of a dystopian society.