Isolating the Healthy & Not the Virus is A Failed Action

Slowing the rate that bullets are fired and still hit us, doesn’t avoid the threat they pose. We survive COVID-19 bullets by getting out of  harm’s way and then neutralizing the threat.  Getting out of harms way is done by isolating potential victims, similar to school children being sheltered-in-place during an active shooter attack. It … Read more

Waterloo Region locally engages the Green Party Leadership Candidates

The Green Party of Canada has a leadership contest underway, as a result of Elizabeth May stepping down as Party Leader late 2019.  Commencing on July 22nd, over a nine week period with one leadership candidate per week, Waterloo Region Greens will be hosting opportunities for us to engage with the hopefuls in online Meet & Greets. Each will introduce themselves and answer our … Read more

My Statement on Black Lives Matter

I am not in a position to fully understand or speak on behalf of our black community. I do, however, know that anti-black racism exists. There is discrimination, bias, hatred and injustices that have been very violent and immoral. They have brought much harm and even death to our community. I support many of the … Read more

About our duty for COVID-19 vigilance

The COVID-19 pandemic is serious because you can have and transmit it very easily for days before symptoms show you have it; and while often mild, it is a lung eater for far too many of all ages. The virus is now known to linger for 3 hours in the air you breathe out and … Read more

A Better Way Than Rebates to Get More of Us into EVs.

Government rebates given to those purchasing more expensive electric cars only benefits those wealthy enough to be able to afford an electric car in the first place. There is a better and cheaper way for the government to promote and assist more people towards electric vehicle ownership, especially those that would not be able to … Read more

Meeting with MP Marwan Tabbara on Electoral Reform

On the 28th of November 2019, I met with and encouraged our Kitchener South – Hespeler MP, Marwan Tabbara, to have the Liberals fulfill citizens’ expectations on electoral reform. There is a groundswell of support for a non-partisan National Citizens Assembly to be convened, do research and propose binding recommendations to the government in regard … Read more

My post election thoughts and thanks!

To everyone in Kitchener South – Hespeler that I have had the privilege of making contact with during the 2019 election campaign – I thank you! Some of you, I met at your doors and we had some great discussions. Some wrote me emails inquiring about my personal positions on issues. Some became Green Party … Read more