About our duty for COVID-19 vigilance

The COVID-19 pandemic is serious because you can have and transmit it very easily for days before symptoms show you have it; and while often mild, it is a lung eater for far too many of all ages. The virus is now known to linger for 3 hours in the air you breathe out and … Read more

A Better Way Than Rebates to Get More of Us into EVs.

Government rebates given to those purchasing more expensive electric cars only benefits those wealthy enough to be able to afford an electric car in the first place. There is a better and cheaper way for the government to promote and assist more people towards electric vehicle ownership, especially those that would not be able to … Read more

Press Our Leaders to Save the Amazon Rainforest

Please use this link to send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for action. The Amazon Rainforest gives us 20% of our oxygen. Climatologists say that it is unknown what percentage of the rainforest can be damaged before it leads to irreversible and cascading total collapse into a desert. Do we want to find … Read more

Can We Trust the Fast Changing Climate Crisis reports?

In January of this year, the New York Times reported on the oceans warming faster than previously was thought, according to a release by the journal Science. Then CNN also reported on what we can expect based upon the updated  information. Sea levels rising faster, more extremes in our weather, ocean life under even greater threat, … Read more

Conference on Global Security and Climate Change

Jean Luc Cooke and I were privileged to attend the French Embassy in Ottawa in 2016. We were there as the two representatives of the Green Party of Canada to discuss global security. At this meeting, there were several delegates from around the world sharing concerns related to  global security issues and the biggest threat … Read more

Electric cars and everything else

 I purchased my Chevy Volt EV hybrid in 2012 and after taxes and dealer charges, the final total was a substantial $40,000. Additional charging stations and the greater advanced performance range of the new electric models have made electric cars in high demand with prices remaining in comparison as I paid. What is the attraction?  … Read more

Before Ever Being a Candidate

While not directly related to the campaign trail, here are some pictures in which I was wearing a Green Party shirt! In most cases, I was learning about things and having experiences that motivated me further towards green principles and Green Party policies, before I had ever thought about running for political office. I have … Read more