About our duty for COVID-19 vigilance

The COVID-19 pandemic is serious because you can have and transmit it very easily for days before symptoms show you have it; and while often mild, it is a lung eater for far too many of all ages. The virus is now known to linger for 3 hours in the air you breathe out and for days on the plastics and metals you touch, all making known infected cases double every 2-3 days unless everyone bunkers down. Because it takes up to two weeks to make symptoms show you have it, even quarantining us all now will not show any diminished exponential growth until after two weeks. The longer we wait to self isolate, the larger the calamity will be two weeks later. We need to take this seriously now, or in two weeks we will be where Italy is now.

Practice physical distancing, keep your home environment clean and it is best to stay there unless absolutely impossible – except for grocery shopping. Be very self aware when out. Be careful of how you handle things that you bring in. Look after yourself and each other in smart ways, and we can end the exponential growth of this illness, flatten the curve to a plateau and then defeat it, as China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and some others are doing.

While the Green Party is calling for an emergency Universal Basic Income for all Canadians, some good emergency benefits are becoming available in April. This link has information on how to apply.


We are currently on the same trajectory as most western countries, with the COVID-19 virus not being contained nor slowed in speed of spread. Where we are now, is where Italy was two weeks ago.




Exponential growth results from people that are sick not knowing they are sick initially, while they are dangerously contagious. If we only keep our physical distance or self-isolate AFTER we express symptoms, millions of Canadians could contract this disease in months and tens of thousands with severe cases will die, as we do not have the ventilators required to treat a large number of seriously ill and keep them alive. It is vital we don’t get to the point of overloading our healthcare system worse than it already is, being at maximum capacity in ICU beds. Follow our Prime Minister’s instructions for maintaining physical distance. I believe we should now be at a greater lockdown for 2-3 weeks to avoid it getting worse; I encourage you to make every effort to stay home.



We have been self-isolating at home since the beginning of the week and will continue to do so as long as is required. Let’s all help “flatten the curve” to mitigate the worst that this virus that it would bring us if we didn’t all take dedicated action.

Paint, read, binge watch Netflix, listen to music, bake, make phone calls or Skype friends. Participate in online activities. Take walks in your neighbourhood while keeping your distance from others – but still smile and wave a hello! We can do this, and I have faith that we will. Be well, my friends.