Hello friends, I am David Weber, and I’m asking that you vote for me in the upcoming Federal election.

By way of background, I live in Kitchener’s Doon community, not far from the area my Mennonite ancestors farmed after arriving on the pioneer’s wagon that is in our Doon Heritage Museum. I studied Law and Security at Conestoga College, graduating in 1988 to begin 30 years of honourable police service within Waterloo Region.  I am a trained and proficient investigator, having served as an expert within the Traffic Services Branch dealing with fatal motor vehicle collisions; in fact, I was the first police officer in our region to become a DRE specialist with training in drug impairment recognition skills developed and provided by the FBI. I truly believe that the interviewing and evidence-collecting skills I was taught in my career have sharpened my ability to make good decisions based upon verifiable facts. 

I’ve always had a strong sense of social justice, and, politically, I left my previous support for the Progressive Conservatives after their progressive ideals were eliminated when that party had its agenda overtaken during the ‘merger’ with the Reform Party. Looking at my other options, I was unable to justify joining any of the traditional parties. Most concerning to me was the fact that none of the so-called ‘Big Three’ parties had (and still haven’t) taken serious action on – or made meaningful investments in – mental health support systems. Typically, governments and their front-line agencies only intervene after individuals threaten serious personal harm to self or others, or with active plans for suicide. By this time, deterioration of their mental health has often led to a loss of family and friendship connections, with some becoming trapped in self medication with illegal drugs, loss of employment and their housing. In my experience from my 30 years of policing, half the time that police field calls is consumed by mental health and drug-related issues, with half of prison inmates suffering from some mental health issues. By not doing what is necessary in early stages to help the vulnerable – and to prevent illegal drug use and stop the criminal activity resorted to in supporting their addictions – it is significantly more costly to the social fabric of our communities and to taxpayers financially, to have done nothing. To me, the failure of the ‘Big Three’ parties to support and to create a more compassionate and effective model is beyond unacceptable.

So, as I continued my journey to find a new political affiliation, I found myself impressed with the Green Party’s strong quality-of-life positions, including (and especially) a more holistic and proactive health care system that includes proper mental health supports and universal pharmacare. The Green Party’s position also demonstrated a strong commitment to secure adequate senior’s pensions and has offered up comprehensive national poverty elimination plans. These are as important to me as much as what the Green Party is most known for: the strongest plans for environmental protections and action on the climate crisis. 

I took the plunge and joined the Green Party in 2012. And, despite a bit of trepidation, I stepped forward and have been the Green Party’s local candidate for the last two provincial elections and the last federal election. Given what is at stake in terms of making the right decisions today for future generation, I decided to seek the Green Party nomination to be the party’s candidate in Kitchener South – Hespeler, and I was truly honoured when local Green members, friends and neighbours chose me from three other qualified nominees in April of this year to again represent the riding in which I call my home.

So, you might be asking yourself, what does David believe in (and what will he actively promote on my behalf) if he becomes my MP in the House of Commons?  

  • I believe that a key governmental priority must be to promote jobs in clean, high-tech and ‘greentech’ manufacturing industries that exist (and are emerging) within an evolving green energy economy, and doing so in harmony with our planet’s biosphere.
  • I believe that we – all Canadians – must respect and protect the earth’s soil, water, air and biodiversity to ensure a prosperous future for all of us and for future generations.
  • I believe that governments at all levels – but especially at the Federal level – need to work towards improving quality of life for everyone, including a health care system with proper mental health supports, pharmacare, dental and vision care.
  • I believe that our community and our country desperately need housing (and a housing strategy) that is available and affordable, designed to operate at low cost to homeowners and efficiently with a zero-carbon footprint.
  • I believe that our community and our country need electrification of all our transportation, achieved with the help of a national transportation strategy and an energy infrastructure plan that fully leverages the power of sustainable and low-cost renewable energy.
  • And I believe in the power of human potential – especially as embodied in the hearts and minds of the residents of Kitchener South – Hespeler – to envision, create and deliver innovative new solutions that will allow us to come together as a community and as a county to build a better, healthier and more vibrant eco-system that balances ecologically-positive economic prosperity AND responsible and respectful environmental stewardship.
From many of my front-door conversations, I think that many of you believe in many of these ideas, too.

As Canadians, we have many things for which we can be proud and thankful. We have, together and united by purpose, achieved world-astounding feats and built a country that is admired and respected around the globe. But there’s room for improvement, especially so when we are all facing a climate emergency that threatens to derail and destabilize our collective progress. It is the mission of the Green Party of Canada – a mission that I believe is 100% possible – to become the government that helps Canada make a smooth transition to a low-carbon future that benefits all Canadians. I hope you join me and the Green Party as we work to make this mission a reality.