Here’s 5 reasons to vote for me:
David Weber
mission possible

I am committed to helping to build a healthier environment AND a stronger economy, starting right here in Kitchener South – Hespeler.

№ 5

I am dedicated to ensuring that we have the resources to provide appropriate social safety nets AND to power future-focused progress that will benefit ALL Canadians.

№ 4

I promise to carefully listen to YOU and to respectfully represent YOU and Kitchener South – Hespeler in the House of Commons

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I believe in MISSION: POSSIBLE, a future that includes a clean energy economy with good jobs for healthier people living in more affordable and efficient housing.

№ 2

I believe this election represents a watershed moment for our community, our country and our planet. Now is the time for bold ideas that empower inspire green innovations. Join me in my mission to build a better tomorrow. Let's Be Bold. Let's Go Green!

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Not voting and strategic voting both keep things as they are or worse with the


There is a truly grassroots alternative


WE CAN elect people who will



be bold. go green

Economic responsibility

Economic Responsibility

I adhere to the adage that ‘you need to manage your obligations to pursue your opportunities’. I strongly believe that the Green Party of Canada’s economic platform will deliver a smaller deficit AND will be balanced in a shorter period of time than any of the policies promoted by the other federal parties. And as we work together, all Canadians, to build a better, more sustainable future, I am confident that the Green Party’s platform provides the strongest foundation to allow Canadians to manage our financial obligations while also making the important and strategic investments that will power the seeds of change to a clean energy economy.

Investment in Quality of Life

During my law enforcement career, I’ve witnessed the devastating impacts of increasing poverty and the harm that it causes to our community and our society. This does need not be and should not be allowed to continue. The costs of reacting to poverty are far greater than the cost of eliminating it.  In my opinion, the same applies to a more holistic approach to making vitally-needed investments in Mental Health, Basic Dental coverage and national Pharmacare. I strongly believe that the Green Party’s MISSION POSSIBLE strategy will help to create good jobs in a clean energy economy with a healthy planet for healthier people in affordable, efficient housing.

Food is Life! Rallying for safe local organic food (2015)

Walking for Wellness at Queens Park to protect our health care (2019).

On duty at Jacob Hespler school keeping my community safe (2014).

Active living, like canoeing the Grand, makes for enjoyable and healthy life (2014).


Speaking up! I always advocate for proportional representation (2014)

Active citizenry: democracy requires civil engagement so I hosted a town hall at KPL (2019).

Forward together! Fellow greens and I rallying at Queens Park (2014) .


Better Democracy

My move from ‘interest’ to ‘involvement’ in politics stems initially from my work as a volunteer with FairVote Canada, a group dedicated to examining Canada’s current voting system and recommending a better option: Proportional Representation. As you know, the Green Party of Canada has long advocated for a move towards Proportional Representation and remain, like many Canadians, deeply disappointed in the current government’s abandonment of their promise to refresh Canada’s electoral system. In the upcoming election, there is truly a grassroots alternative worthy of your support and your vote. You can elect people that will represent you and our community’s interests. And, come Election Day, I hope that you’ll be bold. go green and vote DAVID WEBER for Kitchener South – Hespeler.